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Electric vehicles charger
Electric vehicles charger Electric vehicles charger Electric vehicles charger Electric vehicles charger Electric vehicles charger

Electric vehicles charger

Produced for IKEM Corp. Passat Bulgaria JSC is authorized distributor for this product

Original design. Fully recyclable and reliable body from fiberglass

Electric and electronic components by leading European companies

Simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles

Connection to the management server through protected VPN channel

Visualization with 7 inch color display for communication with the client and advertizing – options for installation of 10,12 or 15 inch displays

Identification of the client via RFID, 13,56 Mhz, Mifare standard

Remote diagnostics of the electric equipment

Electric equipment installed in a dedicated box. The integrated box allows fast recovery of the charging station to a working mode, by non-qualified personnel, in case of breakdown

Protection of the electric equipment and the EV against short electrical current, overload, lightning strikes

Protection of the electronic equipment of the station against extreme temperatures

Protection against unallowed access via alarm sound system

Heating and ventilation of the electric and electronic equipment box

Application mall parking lots, retail chains, business centers and parks, petrol stations, courier, logistic, taxi and transport companies,  etc.

Model for development of own infrastructure which aims to attract clients (owners of EVs), retail of RFID cards with options for advertisement on the card or on the station’s display

The charging station is  CE certified in compliance with all applicable EU standards

Technical parameters

Output voltage

230 V, AC

Output current

2х16 А


CEE7 (Schuko) IP44

Protection against electric current shock

30 mA

Charging station for MODE 2 (slow charge)

up to 8 hours

Uninterruptible Power Supply (batteries), which can maintain the proper operation of the electric equipment for:

30 minutes

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